Does Green Tea have an effect on Testosterone?

Green Tea, Camellia sinensis is a widely consumed refreshing drink across the globe than any other drinks. Its anti-oxidants rich property stops the free radical damage. So, you will be shielded from all types of typical, peculiar diseases and might be set free with a healthy body.

When consuming Green Tea with no added sugar, the benefits will be obviously increased. As a natural drink, Green Tea for men is a good candidate for increasing their testosterone production. Hence, there is a strong link between green tea and testosterone.

It not only benefits testosterone secretion but also produces various benefits such as weight loss, promoting brain function, lowering the risk of cancers, improving dental health, declining Diabetes 2, etc. Testosterone is a sex hormone in men that aids to regulate libido, muscle mass, bone mass, and fat distribution. The hormonal ruin due to aging would deplete the sexual desire.

How does Green Tea increase testosterone?

Green tea and Estrogen

Balanced estrogen level in women helps to maintain a healthy physique. Fluctuations in estrogen level may cause several problems. Presence of higher level of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer.

green tea benefits

Here green tea helps to regulate estrogen levels. A study was presented in The American Association of Cancer Research Meeting in 2006 revealed that the green tea promotes anti-estrogen effects of drugs such as Tamoxifen which is prescribed for breast cancer patients. Thus, the study points out that drinking green tea would be beneficial to breast cancer patients.

Established Benefits of Green tea

Green Tea and Testosterone

Epigallocatechin is an ingredient in the green tea that favors testosterone and inhibits 5-alpha reductase enzyme. This action, in turn, decreases the conversion of testosterone into DHT, and it then helps in preserving healthy Testosterone levels. The catechin in green tea also interferes with testosterone glucuronidation and results to a rise in circulating testosterone levels. The above-cited point has an abstract here.

Green Tea and Memory

A research study shows that green tea has the tendency to increase the cognitive function of the brain especially working memory. The research report has been published in the journal Psychopharmacology suggests and encourages drinking green tea. The research team conveyed their findings recommend that the great tea would significantly work out in the cognitive impairment treatment associated with neuropsychiatric disorders such as dementia.

Multiple studies showed that catechin, the antioxidant in green tea does protective work on the neurons, thus potentially lowers the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Green Tea and Inflammatory skin disease

A research was conducted on a mouse with inflammatory skin disease associated with dry patches, red, flaky skin caused by the overproduction and inflammation of skin cells. It was treated with green tea, and as a result, there was a slower growth of skin cells was seen. And, also it was traced out that the presence of a gene that regulated the cells’ life cycles. Consequently, the study concluded that green tea is being a promising drink for skin disease such as dandruff, psoriasis.

Green Tea and Brain Function & Mental Performance

The main action of caffeine in the green tea is to block adenosine receptors in the brain, allowing neurons to work out for a longer duration and promoting brain activity. Thus caffeine escalates memory and concentration.

In addition to that, the amino aide L-theanine possesses a relaxing effect while increasing mental alertness concurrently. When the property combines with caffeine, it can increase brain function, makes the drinker more productive.

Green Tea side effects for men

Even healthy beverages bring downside effects, and green tea to has the same to some people in large doses.

Green Tea & hypokalaemia

A study reported that intake of excessive amount of great tea causes hypokalaemia (depletion of potassium) in the people who take concomitant medications. There is an available report which says that a 49-year-old Japanese man developed with hypokalaemic myopathy after consuming green tea in large quantities along with consumption of a cold medication for a long period. This condition was found due to the intake of high amount of caffeine which is present in high concentration in green tea-induced hypokalaemia.

Green Tea & Convulsions

An experiment was carried out to assess the effect of administration of green tea on an animal model, and that was found to induce convulsions in mice. The tea extract fastened the onset of convulsion, convulsion duration, and finally lead to death. The case study was published in 1999.

Does green tea lower testosterone?

Green Tea composes a large amount of fluoride. In cheaper tea, the higher fluoride content could be seen. Intake of a large amount of fluoride has a high impact on lowering testosterone level in men and also leading to disturbed thyroid hormone production.

What is an ideal dosage of green tea?

Consumption of green tea 3 cups per day is optimal as per the recommendation of Harvard Health Publications. The University of Maryland Medical Centre recommends the dosage based on the number of polyphenols or active antioxidant compounds. Intake of 240-320 milligrams of polyphenols every day, i.e., 2-3 cups depends on the brand would be good enough.

Where can you buy Green tea?

Although across the world Green tea is available locally in various forms, finding the best and popular brand speaks out the benefits. Here is a couple of most positively reviewed brands for you from Amazon.

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The gist

A few of the studies reported and relied on that green tea increases testosterone production at an optimal usage. But, green tea in large doses might interfere with the testosterone production.

The studies were performed mostly on rats. Other than testosterone, green tea claims various health benefits. Is green tea good for men? has been a repeated question from the health-conscious buff. Yes, it is always with limited and recommended doses.

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