Natural Ways to Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels

There is a nature’s simple molecule which will help to drive power where you really need it. When researchers made their mark, they even got a Nobel Prize for their hard work and it is called nitric oxide.

Are you in search for easy techniques to increase the levels of nitric oxide which is both measurable as well as cheap? Then just include more amounts of nitrates in your diet.

What Nitric Oxide Really Is?

NO or Nitric oxide is a kind of gas which is formed from a single a layer of cells which line the blood vessels within the body. When it is released, it will help the blood vessels to relax and enlarge by sending oxygen throughout the body.

Nitric oxide is an element which is really essential for increasing your muscle strength, heart strength and also for sustaining strong erections and it acts fast enough as well.

Is Nitric Oxide Beneficial For Bodybuilders And Athletes?

It is noted that the levels of testosterone is dropping. Some of the recent studies have shown that a man’s average levels of T hormones at present are around 25 % lower when compared to 1980s. Due to the lack of this powerful hormone, men turn out to be weak, impotent, infertile and docile.

Additionally, those with lower levels of T hormones are 52 % more prone to be obese, 42 % are having higher chances of getting high blood pressure, around 50 % are found to have developed diabetic condition and almost 40 percent are likely to increase their cholesterol levels.

Due to these conditions, boosting the levels of NO has become a necessity, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. Bodybuilders most often prefer to take L-citrulline and L-arginine for supporting the flow of oxygen and blood to their skeletal muscle.

In addition, some of them even use it to ease the removal of certain workout-induced build up of lactic acid that lowers tiredness and also recovery time. As the levels of arginine declines during workouts, the whole loop of arginine-nitric oxide – citrulline will have a tendency to lose its efficiency, thereby resulting in higher levels of lactate and lower nitric oxide levels.

The usage of supplements can very easily aid in restoring this loop for enhanced workouts and quicker recovery from the exercise. However, opting for natural methods to boost our nitric oxide levels is always a better option.

As the nitric oxide levels will decrease owning to high cholesterol, unhealthy foods, smoking, fatty diets, again and all, increasing the levels will help to boost up your vitality, overall wellness and also energy. The adage of consuming healthy foods and being active makes sense.

Testosterone is one of the most important molecules which are present in a male human body, right? Well, there exists a link between NO and T levels actually. NO is really essential for the proper functioning of the brain since it acts as a neurotransmitter.

Apart from this, it plays a major role in the functioning of immune system and obviously, it takes a cardioprotective role, thereby making erections possible. Lack of endurance, depression, low libido, low levels of confidence, erectile dysfunction are some of the symptoms which shows that you need to increase the levels of your testosterone hormone.

If you feel that you are having any of these issues, then you need a quick fix. Some of the best and natural ways to increase your T hormones include those foods which are rich in nitric oxide. A few of them are listed below.

Foods to Naturally Boost Your Nitric Oxide Levels

Diet has large significance in the production of NO. This is due to the fact that besides producing lining of the arteries, it is also generated within the digestive tract and in mouth, provided the conditions are right.

When you intake foods which are rich in natural nitrates, the bacteria present in the tongue will convert it to nitritines. Once you eat the food, these bacteria in the gut will convert nitritines right into nitric oxide, which in turn naturally increases the levels of nitric oxide.

Luckily, foods which are high in nitrate are really cheap and are easy to obtain as well.


foods rich in nitrates

Beetroot is one of the best sources for nitrates with the highest count when compared with all plants. On the other hand, it acts as a methylator, thereby lowering the estrogen levels.



Even though there is lots of health benefits linked with cranberries, the most noticeable one is the production of nitric oxide. Simultaneously, it lowers blood pressure levels as well. The science behind this was proved back in 2000.


Cayenne pepper:

This food product is rich in capsaicin – the element which makes the chili’s hot. Some of the studies conducted proved that capsaicin has got a dose dependent result, which means that those who consume more amounts of capsaicin will be having higher levels of nitric oxide and relaxed arteries.


Dark Chocolate:

Various researches proved that cocoa (raw one) lowers blood pressure levels along with increasing the production of nitric oxide. However, while buying, make sure that you go for the best quality of cacao.

Always try to opt for raw unprocessed type since those which are sold in the market will be so over processed and due to the same, they can’t be called chocolate any longer.



Watermelon is a fruit which is rich in amino acid L-Citrulline, and is considered as a natural compound which helps to boost up the levels of nitric oxide in your body.



GSE or Grape seed extract is an extract which is obtained from the grape seeds. The extract is a very good source for the production of testosterone since one of the natural substances which are present in it will not promote the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Above all, grape seed extract will increase the levels of nitric oxide as well.



One of the recent studies which were carried out in animals proved that honey has a great influence in increasing the production of nitric oxide. This is due to either high nitrate content or high enzyme content which honey holds.



Just like all nuts, this is also rich in L-Arginine (a precursor of the nitric oxide), which is well known for its special capability to boost up the levels of nitric oxide significantly.


Garlic and Vitamin C:

It is medically proved that vitamin C is a booster for nitric oxide production within your body and also it protects the molecules.

Conversely, garlic is high in nitrates. It is also rich in quercetin, which is again related to increased levels of nitric oxide in several researches.



Almost all of the researches conducted on pomegranate revealed it’s effective for reduction in the thickness of arterial plaque by around 30% as well as increasing level of testosterone by 22 %.



The presence of vitamin E in walnuts helps boost testosterone levels. Recent studies suggest that walnuts help to lower the blood pressure in your body along with increasing the production of nitric oxide. The presence of significant amounts L-Arginine results in nitric oxide production within walnuts.



Basically nitric oxide helps to lowers blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels, and hence it’s a vasodilator. However coffee has the opposite effect as it’s a vasoconstrictor which constricts blood vessels thereby increasing pressure. Even then the antioxidants present within coffee helps enhance the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which helps produce NO.



Vitamin C is found plenty in orange which helps preserve and protect nitric oxide molecules from free radicals. Hence it would be of no effect in enhancing the NO levels without complementing it with antioxidants as well as vitamin C at the same time. This is because, without the above combination, the nitric oxide gets oxidized away without any effect.


Brown rice:

Recent studies suggest that brown rice has a positive effect on nitric oxide levels in human body.



Among the plants with high rate of nitrate contents, spinach is listed among the top. Hence consuming food rich in spinach helps boost production of nitric oxide.



The co-enzyme Q10 present in Kale coupled with high nitrate content helps enhance nitric oxide. They also help increase testosterone levels and health of arteries.



Onion is well known for its effect on positive testosterone levels. Different studies have proved that they help to increase the production of nitric oxide. Also they are rich in vitamin C as well as another compound quercetin that boost NO levels.


Peanut Butter:

Consumption of organically processed peanut butter helps to naturally raise the nitric oxide levels. Basically the nuts are rich in arginine that increases T levels.



L-Arginine (precursor of nitric oxide as well as amino acid) is relatively high among Shrimps and hence its consumption is definite to raise the T levels in your body.



Low testosterone levels in a human body can be due to various reasons. However there are chances to optimize the T levels naturally if we follow the below steps regularly.

  • Reduce the fat content in your body.
  • Avoid the usage of plastic to drink water. Prefer glass or stainless steel instead.
  • Consume foods rich in Zinc.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol.
  • Prefer vodka for beer on special occasions.
  • Get rid of stress by meditating, practicing yoga. Try to laugh and be around with people whom you feel can comfort and make you happy.
  • Make sure your diet is devoid of soy.
  • Ensure you have adequate sleep of eight hours in a dark room during night.


Studies reveal that nitrates do form nitrosamines by combining with foods rich in amine, which are in general considered as carcinogenic foods.  However, it is better not to go for it. For example, spinach is a vegetable which is rich in both amines as well as nitrates, thereby causing cancer.

On the other hand, no scientists have yet come up with a proof for this statement. It is always better to check with your health care provider and do research in your own way before choosing any diet plans or any techniques to increase the levels of testosterone in your body.


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