Bye to Foods Which Lowers Your Testosterone Levels!!!

There are lots of food products which will decrease testosterone levels in your body and hence spotting those ones will help you to maintain or even increase your T levels naturally.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Testosterone is one of the most powerful and important male hormone for bone and muscle strength, energy levels and for better sex drive. Even though the hormone is present in both men’s and women’s body, it is highly prominent in men’s body.[/quote]

The production of this hormone decreases naturally when your age is above 30 and in some men, it starts throwing some negative signs which ranges from tiredness to even erectile dysfunction.

Due to the same, majority of the men try hard to maintain the testosterone levels at high with proper exercise or with the help of diet or supplements. However, there are certain things which men do accidently or without knowledge, which could prevent hinder their efforts.

The idea behind this article is to make you aware about the foods which lowers your T levels, so that you won’t take it and hammer your most powerful hormone.



Flax seeds along with the oils extracted from them are considered as one of the worst foods which men should avoid. Flax products are often touted as a healthy diet since its small pesky seeds are rich in omega-3. However, that is not just enough to overcome the effect of lowering T levels.

The scientific reason why it lowers testosterone levels is quite simple. The flax seeds contain lingams, which in turn produces estrogen in your body. In fact, this is considered as one of the strongest and best natural identified estrogen in the planet.

Try to skip flax and take in fish oil or any other sources for getting your omega-3’s.


rice-498688_1280Based on the study reports, it is said that, consuming rice will lower your T levels considerably. As the rice is a low fat diet, it will lessen your testosterone levels.

Scientifically, as the blood gets filtered through liver, it leaves behind the T hormones and will send it to the small intestine through bile duct. Therefore fiber contents from these kinds of food products soaks up the T hormones and removes it along with other wastes.


coca-cola-462776_1280Soft drinks are one of the main food items which results in increased rate of obesity and various other health issues. So there is nothing to get surprised to read that soda is not good anymore.

Soda is having high calorie count along with lots of sugar additives. For instance, a single can of regular (330 ml) Coca Cola holds 139 calories. Try to think how much you take in every day…and the real fact is that, diet soda is even worse than this.

Even though you may get a caffeine boost at the start, you will feel totally inert once the effect is gone. Studies have proved that drinking diet soda for a long time period will result in weight gain and may even lead to stroke, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Even though fat alone will decrease your T levels, there are lots of other reasons on how soda lowers the big T. For instance, the bottles which you get from your beverages are made out of phthalates – strong estrogen mimics which makes the plastics flexible.

Above all, sodas are produced with fructose which contains higher amounts of fructose corn suryp. Both of these are well know to hammer the testosterone hormones by overloading your liver.


licorice-473792_1280Licorice root is one of the best herbs available for stress relief, adding a good flavor to your evening sips. Its root is also used for making candies and even used up as breath fresheners. Being a man, you should strictly stay away from all the food products which contain licorice even in tiny proportions.

This is due to the fact that licorice is considered more estrogenic than the estradiol itself. Pointless to say that, this is not beneficial for men, especially for body builders!!!

Yellow or Green Vegetables

zucchini-572542_1280Yellow and green vegetables like zucchini and squash might decrease your T levels. It is noted that, due to the fiber richness, the fat in the body gets reduces automatically.

On the other hand, these vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, which in turn may help to guard you against some type of cancers.

Junk Foods

hot-dog-700113_1280[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Even though there are lots of food products which fall under the category of junk foods, there are two most important items which you should avoid if you are really concerned about your health: hotdogs and burgers.[/quote]

They are made with low grade meats which are processed with chemical rich content, which is one of the main reasons why they lower your testosterone hormone.

Try to avoid hot dogs and processed hamburgers and your T levels will definitely benefit a lot from that and so will be your sex life.


sugar-485045_1280High sugary foods are found to lower testosterone levels. Even though high sugary foods are only related to diabetes, some of the scientists are of the opinion that intake of high sugar may result in reduced testosterone levels, thereby increasing estrogen levels.

On the other hand, consuming foods which are high in sugar is not a suggested approach for lowering your testosterone hormone. A high-sugar diet is often linked with various negative impacts on your body.


beer-199650_1280It is a sad fact that, beer is not really masculine as it is thought to be. This is due to the fact that, hops of beer are made out of highly estrogenic compounds (contains around 300,000 IU’s of estrogen in hundred grams of hops). Try to avoid it or drink it occasionally.


soybeans-182295_1280Most of the soy products come with higher amounts of isoflavones that are proven clinically to be exceedingly estrogenic compounds. The phytoestrogenic activity present in it will be too powerful that it is similar to popping one of any birth control drugs.

Maybe this is one of the major reasons why some studies points out that vegetarians are having lowered testosterone levels when compared with non-vegetarians.

French Fries

french-fries-525005_1280Yet another best seller among the junk foods which reduces your T hormones is French fries. Actually, they are addicting and everyone will feel that you crave for them like anything while ordering your favorite burger or hotdog.

Unhappily, French fries are rich in trans-unsaturated fatty acids (trans fats) which is sure to kill your sex drive, since it affects the quality of your sperm and turn out to be too bad for fertility.

Try to go for sweet potatoes fries. Regardless of the name, it is much healthier. One of the main highlights about sweet potatoes is that, it helps in the breakdown of carbs, thereby promoting healthy levels of blood sugar in your body.

Ice Cream

ice-cream-410330_1280Another testosterone reducer is ice creams. Basically, everyone loves to have it; however it is packed with higher amounts of sweeteners and sugars, which will have a negative impact on your body.

Fatigue and migraine are some of the most common negative effects which regular ice cream eaters faces. Frozen yogurt and plain yogurt is far a better choice than having ice cream.


peppermint-390726_1280Spearmint is an ingredient which is included in most of the breath fresheners, candies and chewing gums. Even people use it while making their tea. Since spearmint contains high estrogenic, it is recommended not to use by those who are into the world of body building.

In few studies, it is noted that, spearmint greatly reduces the free testosterone levels in your body. It is mostly used by women who are battling with facial hair.

Lima Beans

beans-228870_1280Legumes and beans do not always fit men at all. This is because, majority of the food products which comes under legume and bean category is having estrogenic activities.

For example, certain studies have proved that, lima beans contains inositol (phytoestrogenic fiber), which lowers the levels of testosterone hormones in your body.

In addition, they also contain phytoestrogenic lingans, which are linked with inhibited dihydrotestosterone as well as lowered serum testosterone levels in your body.


farfalle-495747_1280In fact, pasta is not bad for health. But if taken in large amounts, it won’t feel good. Pasta contains higher amounts of carbs in it.

Naturally, the body will convert surplus amount of carbs into glucose and then store it as fat, except you exercise well or you are active physically. For the same reason, try to avoid these kinds of food if you really wanted to maintain your T levels.

Cookies and Biscuits

cookies-525060_1280Cookies and biscuits are those food products which are greasy and high in trans fat. In fact, they are well categorized as processed foods which negatively affect your hormones levels.

Whole Grains

grains-651404_1280Grains are noted to cause certain inflammation in human body. It seems to affect not only gluten sensitivity people, but all.

On the other hand, grains will affect the levels of testosterone hormone through different mechanisms like, the gluten raises the levels of prolactin, which in turn lowers testosterone; high dietary fiber diet plans will reduce the levels of T hormone and finally, the pythates contained in grains will take all the essential minerals required for your body to generate the powerful hormone.

Chicken Wings and Nachos

fried-chicken-690039_1280Nachos contain lots of carbs and also nacho cheese is very close to plastic in point of fact. Chicken wings are not better since it is greasy and fired. Try to go for grilled wings if you really can’t skip it out from your favorite food items.


From the above list, you can notice that there are lots of foods products which play a vital role in lowering your testosterone levels. Regrettably, the above listed ones are just like a starch in the surface of the eatables which could possible lower your T levels.

On the whole, try to include foods which are organic and natural as much as possible, thereby safe guarding yourself from the chemical pesticides.

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