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Five Household Chemicals That Are Dropping Your Testosterone Levels Xenoestrogens

Your testosterone levels are at the lowest when compared to your ancestors.  The testosterone levels are reducing at the rate of  1% every year, irrespective of age.  In 8 years the testosterone levels show a significant decrease. The study was conducted in 1988 and 1996. The testosterone levels of 50-year-old men in 1988 are higher than 50-year-old […]

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Does lifting weights boost your Testosterone levels?

Exercise helps to boost your testosterone levels. Testosterone helps to keep your muscle mass and limit the fat gain. As you age your testosterone levels will decline, it starts to decline at the age of 30. Without weight training and low testosterone levels will contribute to muscle loss.   Weight lifting is the best form of exercise […]

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Does belly fat affects your testosterone levels?

Testosterone is responsible for the growth and development of male characteristics like deepened voice, muscle growth, bone strength.   It will start to decline as you age, that’s one of the reasons why your bone strength and muscle loss happens as you age. Testosterone will help to prevent muscle loss as well as fat gain. Quick Navigation […]

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Does Stress affect your testosterone levels?

Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension. It can be caused by anything that makes you angry and frustrated. Is it good? Stress is positive in most of the times. As it helps you to protect yourself in danger, or meet your deadlines. Even while you are lifting weights in the gym, your body will be […]

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Case Study: How do I Unlock my Hip Flexors?

This is the first case study on It’s about strength imbalance in my hip area which causes an anterior pelvic tilt. This research suggests that as many as 85 percents of men and 75 percent of women, who do not show any symptoms, have an anterior pelvic tilt.(study1) ​This is an off topic, but I want to […]

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What are the Best Stretches for Tight hip Flexors?

​A healthy hip flexor means active you. A tightened hip flexor would limit your body activities making it prone to injuries, weakness and lot of pain. A good hip flexor stretch would see to it that your hip muscles stay loose and healthy. Sportsmen and athletes too need to have a strong hip flexor for […]

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