Side Effects and Safety of Testosterone Booster Supplements

The purpose of using a testosterone booster is to increase your energy levels, libido, muscle mass. These effects are due to the increased levels of testosterone resulting from the use of these supplements. But the elevated testosterone level also causes some side effects.

Side effects of testosterone booster

  • The common side effect of testosterone booster is oily skin. Dihydrotesterone (DHT) activates sebaceous glands to produce sebum and causes oily skin. The purpose of sebum is to protect and condition your skin and hair. When testosterone levels are elevated, it gets converted to DHT, and this can cause increased oil levels in the skin. Increased levels of oil in the skin can cause the outbreak of acne. This can happen when your skin pores are clogged by dead cells, oil, and bacteria. If your skin is acne prone; use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to exfoliate dead skin cells that clog your pores.
  • Testosterone booster helps to add muscle at a faster rate, but your ligaments and tendons may not add up or gain strength at that rate. Thus causing an imbalance in strength and results in injuries and even tearing of tendons.
  • Research shows that prolonged use of testosterone boosters can cause kidney damage. So it is advisable to cycle the product thus giving your body a break.
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    Mild headaches are reported by those who use testosterone boosters.
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    Testosterone is associated with aggressive tendencies of men. Higher testosterone levels are shown to increase aggressive tendencies of men.
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    Testicular pain is another side effect associated with a testosterone booster. Testosterone booster increases the synthesis of testosterone in the Leydig cells of the testis. This increased synthesis causes pain in the testis.
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    Elevated levels of testosterone are often accompanied by pungent body odor. The apocrine glands cause this. Presence of testosterone in the bloodstream causes the apocrine glands to secrete sweat which has a pungent smell. The secretion increases with elevated levels of testosterone and so as the body odor.
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    The testosterone in your body can be converted into estrogen. The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. If more testosterone is produced in your body, the more estrogen will be synthesized by conversion. This will reduce the effect of testosterone in our body. Elevated estrogen levels can cause man boobs. So it will be wise to choose a product which can suppress estrogen conversion.
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    Testosterone boosters cause depression due to the hormonal imbalance (elevated testosterone levels). Depression can cause loss of appetite and insomnia.
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    Anxiety is another psychological effect caused by testosterone boosters.

Safety of testosterone booster:

There are lots of supplements available in the market. Majority of products are legit, and others are not safe to use.

Safety of testosterone booster depends upon various factors, and you can choose the safe supplements available in the market.

Filter your choice by these factors:

Check whether the ingredients used in the supplement are scientifically proven or not. Testosterone boosters using ingredients backed by research are safe to use.

Stay away from supplements that have their ingredients hidden under Proprietary blend. The proprietary blend can have all the ingredients, but their amount is kept hidden. You cannot know whether the ingredients are present in the required quantity.

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A lot of people has an affinity towards cheap products. But in the case of testosterone boosting supplements, you have to think wise and change your thoughts. Always select a product with good review and rating. Don’t go after cheap products packed in shiny bottles and attractive names.


The side effects caused by testosterone boosters are due to the fact that they boost your testosterone levels. The side effects are small compared to the benefits you get from elevated testosterone levels.

There are lots of companies and tons of supplements out there. People are using testosterone supplements for years and are safe. There are small side effects like headaches, acne; testicular pain has been reported.

If you are choosing a supplement from a good company, there is nothing to worry. If you had any problems with any product contact your doctor and please let us know; So that we can share it with our readers.

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