About Us

Manyhacks is a men's health and fitness resource run by Arun to share with you the proven strategies for optimizing your testosterone and physical health.

I had tested and learned various testosterone optimizing strategies.

I graduated from college with a BTech degree. But my interest lies in the fitness field. 

I had started my job as a gym trainer and started a website to write my blog.

That blog leads me to the foundation of Manlyhacks; exclusive for men's fitness. The first website was focused on bodybuilding contest. 

I had participated in bodybuilding contests and placed gold in 2009, 2010 in regional contest and got bronze in the state-level contest.

Then life changed and everything has gone.

Lets fast forward to 2019.

During this time I was involved in offline and online projects. I organize hiking in south India, so weekends I will be engaged.

How do I know this information?

At the start, I was also like you.

But researching for my bodybuilding blog gave me the information I have.