Does Brazil Nuts Boost Your Testosterone levels?

8073058874_c02cd682d0_oIn the modern day there are a wide range of dietary choices available to help people regulate their testosterone levels. One may wonder whether taking in nuts could increase human metabolism and raise T levels to make them feel comfortable or even better. Many people are of the opinion that Brazil nut is the prominent among this category.

The health benefits coupled with the popularity of Brazil nuts make them a leading snack among many.



Brazil nuts are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins as well as selenium. As they are richest dietary source of natural selenium, they are considered as extraordinary and powerful diet with various health benefits.

However anything over the threshold can be harmful and should be taken with caution.

Bertholletia excelsa growing in the Amazon region belonging to South American Continent produces these large seeds known as Brazil nuts. The nutritional value of Brazil nuts is high in comparison to other nuts as they have high content of fat (above 4g per ounce of saturated fat) which is same as that of egg in calories.

Other vitals present in Brazil nuts include calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, choline, B vitamins, iron, copper, vitamin E and phosphorus in sufficient quantity. They are really gifted antidote from Brazilian rainforest to the majority of the non mineral foods in our usual diets.

Not only beneficial for the health of male reproductive system, but also these nuts from Amazon are rich with 69% fat and 18% protein with strong omega-6 fatty acids presence.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a mineral essential for the human body. Even though small quantity of selenium is needed for the body, most of our diets hardly have this mineral. Selenium present in Brazil nuts combines with vitamin E to form an antioxidant which is good for the body.

Selenium also helps to synthesize proteins as well as prostaglandin production (precursor hormones) which in turns results in a healthy pancreatic, reproductive and thyroid function.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]The hormone testosterone is produced within male’s body in large amounts in the adrenal glands and testes. High T levels indicate positive reproductive function, hair growth, muscle mass, competitive behaviors and aggression.[/quote]

High quantity of healthy fat, minerals and protein are found in Brazil nuts. The high quantity of fat in Brazil nuts is responsible for its buttery color. Studies say that people who take this nut have good HDL cholesterol levels as they eliminate bad cholesterol.

Role of Brazil Nuts as a Testosterone Booster

Research shows that selenium present in Brazil nuts could boost testosterone levels among people with infertility problems. This could be due to the elimination of pre-existing selenium deficiency through nuts intake. Also amino acid arginine, zinc and other beneficial fatty acids required for the production of testosterone are found in brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts are favorite among bodybuilders, athletes and those with selenium deficiency. All of them have credited these nuts for positive health benefits in health forums.  Most of these folks take in 2 to 3 Brazil nuts in morning as well as before bed in the evening.

Why to Take Brazil Nuts Daily?

The presence of selenium mainly helps boost the production of sex hormone. When it comes to selenium rich diet, Brazil nuts tops the list as it is an important mineral as well as good antioxidant. Taking couple of Brazil nuts daily could eliminate selenium deficiency.

As selenium could elevate testosterone levels among men, they could boost increase sperm quality, mobility and production.

High T levels result in healthier weight loss among men as well as woman. In case of men, there aren`t many good pre-sleep foods other than Brazil nuts, even though eggs fall within this category.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Keep in mind that human body utilizes cholesterol in the production of testosterone during sleep. Therefore taking these nuts before going to sleep will definitely help reduce cholesterol and increase testosterone.[/quote]

The vitamin E present in the nuts help selenium to act optimally. L-arginine contained in Brazil nuts acts as a natural sex stimulant (similar to viagra) by driving the blood flow towards male genitals. Foods rich in Arginine such as Brazil nuts are vital to bodybuilders as they help them increase their muscle mass.

What is Within Brazil Nuts? 

  1. Enriched in selenium – Brazil nuts are naturally the richest source of bio-active selenium in the whole world. Selenium, according to the researchers is connected with high levels of testosterone. These nuts are highly rich with selenium, such that even 2 nuts per day could fill in the selenium deficit within human body.


  1. Presence of Natural Cholesterol – Cholesterol is transformed to testosterone within the leydig cells inside the human testes. This is one of the prominent reasons why males should never underrate the value of this super nutrient which is a must have among the high testosterone supplements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Another positive is that Brazil nuts hosts bio-active natural cholesterol which elevates T levels naturally.


  1. Better antioxidant – Brazil nuts are rich in antioxidants which help protect the highly sensitive molecules of testosterone from getting oxidized. Studies conducted recently shows that some antioxidants could stimulate leydig cells with human testes to aid in the production of much more testosterone.


  1. Rich in L-Arginine – The production of nitric oxide in human body is supported by an amino acid known as Arginine. The L-Arginine helps the veins to expand and relax allowing blood to flow without any blocks and the positive note is that Brazil nuts are richly packed with Arginine in its most bio-active form.


  1. Sperm Quality Improvement – The Journal of Andrology in its 2013 year edition reported that studies claimed dietary selenium helps increase sperm volume, quality as well as motility. The sperm quality is connected with testosterone levels and it’s proved scientifically that men who have highest testosterone proportionally have highest sperm counts.

Whats the Safe Threshold of Brazil Nuts Per Day?

According to experts, a normal human should eat a handful of Brazil nuts daily. But keep in mind that taking in too much of this super nutrient is going to do more harm than good. Even though the element selenium is very essential for human health, over intake of the same could give contradictory results and become toxic.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Too much of selenium could cause: fatigue, hair loss, gastrointestinal distress, white spots on nails and irritability. The upper threshold of selenium among adults per day is around 400 mcg.[/quote]

If you decide to consume these nuts daily, then a max number of 3 per day will be an ideal choice. However in case if you are trying to boost your levels of selenium for therapeutic grounds, then a max number of 6 per day for a week will be the right choice.

Magnesium is another vital element present in Brazil nuts which make it a perfect choice for evening snack. This element helps human to sleep well and is responsible for over 300 bodily functions. They are also resistive against heart diseases as well as premature aging. It is noted that human heart has the highest quantity of magnesium within the human body.

Make sure you store the Brazil nuts always in air-tight containers. However it could have prolonged shelf life if they are kept in air tight bags inside refrigerator so that they don’t get rotten.


[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]While purchasing Brazil nuts, do remember that lion share of the selenium content is contained within the skin and for better testosterone output, do buy those ones with maximum skin as possible. Also try to avoid the roasted and the salted varieties. The more the nut is natural, the better it is.[/quote]

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