Ultimate Guide on How to Lower Your Estrogen Levels!!!

Small amounts of estrogen levels are really required for a male body. But in our current society, we are exposed to several chemicals as well as estrogenic elements which play the role as endocrine disruptors within a male body, thereby increasing the levels of female hormones above the “normal” levels in males.

Did you know that fat itself boosts estrogen levels in men? From a societal angle, why do men have vehemently increasing estrogen levels? And is there any way to turn this ship around?

Well, this article will provide you with various natural ways to lower your estrogen levels and develop lean muscles, thereby throwing away the skinny fat man.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]It is noticed that, around 99.5 percent of the total male populace has more amount of estrogen hormones in their body. This is the situation today since all the products which we are using; ranging from foods products to personal care items are packed with estrogenic compounds.[/quote]

So now think!!! Why is estrogen harmful to men? And why do men want to lower estrogen levels within the body naturally?

Well, the answer is right here. Estrogen hormone and estrogen mimics greatly inhibit the production of testosterone levels in men’s body. And the fact is that, testosterone and estrogen always fight for the same androgen receptors.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]It is to be noted that, while boosting the levels of testosterone hormone in the body, estrogen levels and aromatase enzyme should be made as low as possible.[/quote] This is because when higher testosterone levels mix up with higher aromatase enzyme, your powerful male hormones will be converted in effect into estrogen, which is really a bad sign for you.

What Causes Estrogen Imbalance?

There are several reasons why an individual may experience an estrogen imbalance. Ultimately, alcohol consumption, poor food choices, and various other lifestyle factors may result in an increase in the estradiol. So having control over these factors will help you to avoid causing estrogen imbalance in your body.

Will Diet Affect Testosterone Levels?

In order to know whether diet influences testosterone levels, you must be aware of how testosterone is produced in the body and its actions. Everything begins within the brain. The hormone known as GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is released from a small part within the brain called hypothalamus and is transmitted to the pituitary gland.

From this part, the GnRH will stimulate the release of the hormone luteinizing, which in turn moves through the blood stream on to your testes. When it reaches here, it will stimulate the enzymes and will convert cholesterol right into testosterone.

Depending on the food you take in, it can positively or negatively have an effect on any of these steps.

Once the testosterone hormone is produced in the body, your nutritional routine will also have an effect on it. This powerful hormone travels via blood to your muscle cells and various other tissues, both as active testosterone or will be bound to a carrier protein.

Only the free or the active one can boost your muscle size by actively entering into the muscle cells. At certain tissues like the brain and the fat cells, fat will be converted to estrogens – the female hormones which are not supposed to be produced in male body in excess amounts as it may result in fat gain and might slow down the production of testosterone further by lowering the brain hormones.

This is the reason why experts say that, diet factor can affect the amount of both estrogens and active testosterone in the blood.

Few Natural Estrogen Blockers!!!

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Apart from the lifestyle changes, there are certain natural products which will help to lower or even block estrogen in male body:[/quote]

Wild Nettle Root

nettle leafNettle leaves or nettle roots are most often used for producing prostate drugs. Nettles have compounds which are considered as natural estrogen blockers. Regular supplements can even control the production of estrogen.

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honeyChrysin is a flavonoid which is present in bee propolis, passion flowers and honey. Proponents are of the opinion that this will help to block estrogen, thereby increasing the levels of testosterone. On the other hand, some others claim that there is no enough proof that it brings changes in the hormone levels.


macaMaca, origin of Peru, is a cruciferous plant. Experts say that the plant has got lots of health benefits including blocking estrogen and improving estrogen among men. Even though Maca is rich in valuable nutrients and vitamins, there is no scientific proof to clarify its role in controlling hormones.

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Grape seed

purple-grapes-553464_1280The grape seed extract is a well known aromatase inhibitor – estrogen blocker – among women who are having breast cancer. However, men can enjoy the same benefits while consuming it as a dietetic supplement.

Cruciferous Vegetables

sproutsOne of the best and most natural ways of blocking the hormone estrogen is by including cruciferous vegetables in your diet. It has higher levels of phytochemicals and plays a major role in blocking the production of estrogen.

Cruciferous vegetables will taste good when taken raw, however it can be cooked in different ways as well. Some of the cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, bok choy, kale, collard greens, turnips and rutabagas.

These vegetables contain higher levels of zinc, a mineral which is essential for boosting your testosterone levels. Apart from this, the mineral will also block aromatase enzyme from disturbing your T levels and thus the hormone doesn’t easily get converted to estrogen anymore.

In addition, they also contain a compound known as I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol), that helps in the conversion of DIM (3,3-Diindolylmethane) within your stomach. DIM is good in regulating estrogen, which points out to the fact that it successfully throws out xeno-estrogens and estrogenic compounds from the body.

For more details regarding the cruciferous connection, click on the link below:


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Whole Grains

wheat-field-640960_1280Raw grains are not similar to the processed ones since they won’t be broken down and hence their entire parts like bran, germ and endosperm will be maintained. Just like the seeds, whole grains have anti-estrogen polyphenols.

Some of the whole grains which can be consumed in different forms including pasta, breads and cereals may include wheat, oats, rye, corn, rice, millet and barley.

Grass Fed Meat

chicken-583761_1280The cows which we see in massive cattle farms are usually pumped of hormones which boost their estrogen levels. To believe that same hormones will not get passed to our body when we consume them is really lunacy.

The only way to avoid this is to make sure that the meat you are consuming is coming from a farm where the animals are not fed with bi-products or they are not injected with any hormones. Thus, go for bison, chicken, free range eggs, grass fed beef, pork and so on.

Go For Organic Produce

apple-624156_1280The pesticides which most of the farmers spray on the plants will contain chemicals which will increase the levels of estrogen. From a nutrient view point, it is always worth to pay money for buying food which is not just good for us, but also try to go for a hormonal one as well.

Exposure To Chemicals

pollution-347818_1280In this current era, all are constantly exposed to chemicals. They are in our body all through the day and it’s an unbreakable fact that we cannot entirely get rid of them no matter how hard we try. Providentially we can change some of the worst kinds of them.

As a general rule, you should always try to stay away from all the chemicals as much as you can since majority of them have the power to disturb the extremely sensitive endocrine system. Higher exposure may even act straight on estrogen mimic within the body.

Don’t Use Plastics

bottles-60475_1280Plastics…the one which we use daily for drinking water or to microwave the leftovers are found to increase estrogen levels in the body.

This is because of the incredible estrogenic effects which the plastics have on the male body since they are filled with compounds known as Phthalates, which makes it flexible.

Literally, plastic is everywhere. Trying to reduce its usage is pretty tough, however it’s most important. Apart from increasing estrogen levels, plastics are also linked with cancer, especially when it is heated.

Needless to say, avoid plastics and start drinking water from metal water bottle and try to avoid giving food to your kids in plastic containers and start controlling the hormones right away.

Strength Training

trainingStrength training is one of the best manliest forms of work outs which you can do. And the most excellent part is that resistance training is scientifically verified to boost the levels of male testosterone hormone, improve human growth hormone levels and also lower the levels of estrogen levels in male.

So stop saying excuses and take a gym card right now itself.

Have Good Sleep

sleeping-time-650684_1280Sleeping is one of the best things which you can ever do for your hormones since during sleeping hours your endocrine system will really get recharged itself. This is also the time when your body will be regulating estrogen and flushing it out from your body.

This process will be at its peak during the remaining stages of sleep and this is the reason why it is really important to increase your sleeping quality. In addition, good sleep will also increase the T levels and growth hormones levels.

Include Nuts

cashew-nuts-89103_640Fat present in the nuts boost testosterone levels, thereby lowering estrogen levels. Indeed nuts are an organic source for testosterone. Some of the most nutritious nuts include walnuts (more omega 3’s when compared to almonds), almonds, brazil nuts, cashews and also sunflower seeds.

Eat Citrus

oranges-428072_1280Citrus fruits are scientifically proven to reduce the levels of estrogen levels in male body. So try to include more numbers of grapefruits and oranges, Also, sprinkle some lemon in water as it helps to your body alkaline.

Skip Parabens

cream-621340_1280Parabens are those chemicals found in most of the personal care items is known to elevate estrogen levels in male body. Avoiding the above endocrine disrupting chemical and switching to natural personal care products will help maintain normal T levels.

Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben etc are the most commonly used parabens in personal care items.

Gastrointestinal Health

bacteria-106583_1280Maintaining one`s gut flora on good condition will help to get rid of the estrogen molecules from their body faster. If the gut condition is not good, then the estrogen molecules which are supposed to be thrown out of their body will get absorbed back to the intestines as they move very slowly.

Hence you must be sure that you take in those stuffs with live and healthy bacteria, but never take in those “lactic acid pills” which are devoid of any healthy bacteria.

Avoid Soy Products

soya-83087_1280Soy is a strong plant-estrogen or phyto-estrogen which boosts estrogenic activities in male body upon consuming. So make sure that you eliminate that food from your dining table.

Also, if you are a person who is allergic to dairy, then almond milk or any other milk from animals will be the best choice when compared with soy milk.

Avoid Beer

beer-387541_640Beer is always mistaken as the ultimate man drink. Nevertheless, the real truth is that, beer is highly estrogenic. Hops of beer may contain around 300,000 IU’s of phytoestrogens in 100 grams, which is a high ratio. So if you drink, make sure that you avoid beer.


Higher levels of estrogen levels might create lots of issues in male body, however so can too lower levels. For instance, you are more prone to develop osteoporosis if you have lower levels of estrogen hormone.

It is to be noted that, the ultimate aim of the estrogen blockers should never be to bring down your estrogen levels, that is to a harmful level.

Check with your health care provider if you are concerned with your estrogen levels. They will help you out by carefully monitoring the hormone levels with certain blood tests and will suggest you with hormone therapy, if needed.

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