8 Habits That Increases Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is one of the most powerful hormones which is produced by a male body in the testicles and is linked with the epitome of manhood (though women also have it in smaller amounts).

The power of this super male hormone is of no wonder that it helps in increasing the muscle and burn fat in the body along with other added benefits such as improved libido, sleep, energy, mood and overall health as well as quality of life.

Unluckily, majority of the men will be experiencing a drop down in the amount of testosterone levels after they reach 30, thereby increasing the chances of type 2 diabetes, impaired sexual function, heart issues, low mineral density, lower muscle mass, obesity and poor physical performance.

[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]If you are a person who is looking for ways to increase your T levels, then start observing your daily habits. A few changes which are good enough for your entire health will also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy level of this hormone.[/quote]

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8 habits that boost testosterone


Keep reading to know about the eight safe techniques to boost your testosterone levels naturally!

Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Your StressHigh stress is linked with lower levels of testosterone. If you are under high stress, then your body will certainly produce higher amounts of the stress hormone called cortisol, whose function is to block the effects of T hormones, most likely.

This is due to the fact that, from a biological point of view, testosterone-related behaviors such as competing, mating and aggression will lower the chances of survival while in an emergency.

In this current era, high stress and higher levels of cortisol points to the fact that the testosterone’s effects are being blocked for a longer period, which should be avoided. Some of the most common stress lowering tools with higher rates of hit may include meditation, yoga, laughter and prayer.

Same as low T levels and stress share, certain similar signs and symptoms, they do share a few lifestyle changes which might indeed help to lower stress, thereby improving your sexual health. Some of them may include the following:

  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Make exercise a regular habit
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid too much of caffeine
  • Try to avoid the usage of stress relieving drugs
  • Chart a healthy diet plan
  • Find time for relaxation and reduce your stress
  • Try to fix realistic targets
  • Get enough sleep

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Get Rid of the Belly Fat

Get Rid of the Belly FatOne of the most unsafe forms of fat stored is in the form of belly fat. It increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and various other forms of cancer. On the other hand, it is also well-know to affect the levels of testosterone in your body.

The amount of free testosterone levels and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) will be varied depending on the amount of fat which is stored in your belly portion. SHBG decides the level of free testosterone in your body.

It is said that, the T hormones levels in your body is inversely proportional to the size of your waist. This clearly shows that there will be a decline in the levels of your T levels when waistline increases.

So keep in mind that, abs doesn’t just give a hot look to your body, but also boosts the T levels. Therefore always monitor your diet and exercise well to maintain a slim waistline and a perfect abs.

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Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Get 8 Hours of SleepIt’s high time to change your practice, if you are working extra late every night. Sleep is one of the key factors which play a major role in boosting testosterone levels. While a person is sleeping, the body will heal and repair itself from the entire micro trauma which is inflicted upon it.

In addition, during the time of sleep, T hormones are boosted up along with the other growth hormones. Nevertheless, sleep is not just one thing which is important while considering the production of hormone.

While you are not sleeping, your mind will be in a constant fight for relaxation. It is very much important that you should find time on daily basis to lower your stress levels immediately. Some of the recent studies have proved that, inadequate sleep will bring you restrictions in losing weight, thereby causing you to lose more muscle mass as in a caloric restriction.

So keep in mind to shoot for a minimum of 7–8 hours of sleep every night.

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Reduce Alcohol

Reduce AlcoholThe magic of drinks / alcohol is very simple. It is a depressant which slowdowns the various functions in the body, thereby triggering the feelings of drunkenness. But if you are really an alcoholic person and drink most often, then it’s sure that your T levels might have dropped down by this time.

On the other hand, if you are a regular beer drinker, then remember that the hops in your drink will be converted by your body into estrogen and thus your over-worked liver will not be able to remove this surplus amount of estrogen from your body effectively.

This in turn might result in over production of the estrogen hormone in the male body, and may start to show signs of female characteristics like enlargement of breast, loss of body hair and shrunken testicles.

How Alcohol Reduces Your T Levels?

The metabolism of the ethanol will reduce the production of the coenzyme called adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) within the testes and liver. Adenine dinucleotide is one of the most important parts of the electron donating procedure which is required in the testosterone production and several other androgens.

This is the main reason why it is thought that consumption of alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone levels in the body.

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Besides, higher levels of alcohol consumption may result in increased levels of estrogen. This is because, it increases the action of the aromatase enzyme, which in turn functions by converting testosterone (the male sex hormone) into estrogen (the female sex hormone).

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Cut Back on Sugar

Cut Back on SugarOne of the latest research conducted found out that T levels are associated with the blood sugar levels and therefore intake of sugar reduces the levels of those circulating T hormones within the blood appreciably.

Thus, getting into a condition known as type 2 diabetes with huge sugar intake will again destroy the production of your testosterone hormone. But this doesn’t mean that the intake of all carbs will lower the T production.

In actual fact, some of the complex whole food sources of carbs are simply amazing for the male hormones. It is the simplest forms of sugars which is having no considerable nutritional value and eventually results in health issues.

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Sunlight and Vitamin D

Sunlight and Vitamin DVitamin D is considered as one among the most important 24 vital vitamins required for the human survival. It helps in regulating over 1,000 functions in the body along with increasing the levels of testosterone.

Some of the natural ways through which your body gets vitamin D is through the intake of eggs and fish. However, the most common and best method to get it is via sun exposure on regular basis.

The estrogen and T levels are not those hormones which affect your sexual life. They are also having high impact on your mood as well. Lower levels of T hormones may lead you to irritability, depression and anxiety.

The most favorable amount of vitamin D in your blood serum should fall in between 50 to 70ng/dl. This can be very easily obtained by supplementing with a normal (or even low) dosage of high quality vitamin D3 supplements.

You can also get enough of this vitamin by exposing yourself few hours in the sun every day. It would be best if you could do both.

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Lift Weight

Lift WeightJust like your diet plan is having higher effect on the production of T hormones, so does how you train yourself. Some of the studies have proved that high-intensity weight training could easily stimulate the production of testosterone secretion in a male body.

However, it is of equal importance that you need to choose the right kind of tools and right workouts if you want to enjoy the complete gain of this T-boost. Basically, depending on the rates in which you stimulate muscle mass, your testosterone secretion will vary proportionally.

Stick to some of the multi-joint workouts such as bench presses, deadlifts and squats since they are the best examples for compound lifts which will help you to significantly boost up your T levels.

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Eat Eggs Daily

Eat Eggs DailyEven though excluding egg yolks is habitually suggested for dieters as they are a rich in calories, the yolks are found to be really advantageous in several other ways. One such way in which the yolks can be beneficial for the body builders is by enhancing their testosterone levels.

Various nutrients present in egg yolks are helpful in promoting higher testosterone levels. Some of the benefits of having including eggs in your diet plan are listed below:

  • Yolks hold all the fat present in eggs
  • It is rich in the mineral calcium
  • Yolks are a high source of vitamin D
  • As they are rich in protein, they are also a high source of amino acids (which in turn is one of the major building blocks of protein in the body).
[quote bcolor=”#2eb2db”]Tip: One of the best and most effective ways of consuming egg is to scramble it up with broccoli. This is because, broccoli is rich in indole-3-carbinol – a food element which successfully helps to cut down the levels of estrogen by half in men.[/quote]

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Testosterone, the powerful hormone plays a vital role in every man’s health. Knowing that the T levels in your body are dropping down could be unsettling, however it is not the indication or manhood or virility.

Check with your health care provider regarding the treatment plans and how you can overcome this issue successfully. Still, certain lifestyle changes will be just enough to re-energize your body. Remember, there is no such rocket science to boost the levels of your T hormones, except a few natural remedies (listed above) might help you.
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