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Trenbolone: Benefits, Side Effects, and Legal Side of Trenbolone

​Bodybuilding has been a passion among fitness freaks. Besides performing regular exercises for muscle building, they consider using performance-enhancing drugs (anabolic steroids). Both anabolic (muscle growth) and androgenic (development of male characteristics) steroids are used in cutting, stacking, bulking cycles. Every anabolic steroid has its attributes, some positive and negative effects. “Anabolic” indicates building tissue, and […]

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Does Green Tea have an effect on Testosterone?

​Green Tea, Camellia sinensis is a widely consumed refreshing drink across the globe than any other drinks. Its anti-oxidants rich property stops the free radical damage. So, you will be shielded from all types of typical, peculiar diseases and might be set free with a healthy body. When consuming Green Tea with no added sugar, the […]

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DHT: what is DHT & What are The Supplements That Boost DHT

​If you went on to search for supplements to increase DHT levels, you are most likely to come across products that are labeled ‘DHT Blocker.’ This is because DHT or dihydrotestosterone is made from testosterone and there is a common belief that if DHT is increased, there will be a corresponding decrease in testosterone levels. […]

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