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Five Household Chemicals That Are Dropping Your Testosterone Levels Xenoestrogens

Your testosterone levels are at the lowest when compared to your ancestors.  The testosterone levels are reducing at the rate of  1% every year, irrespective of age.  In 8 years the testosterone levels show a significant decrease. The study was conducted in 1988 and 1996. The testosterone levels of 50-year-old men in 1988 are higher than 50-year-old […]

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Testogen Case Study | Will It Help To Boost My Testosterone Levels?

Let’s find out whether the most popular testosterone booster in the market can raise my testosterone levels. Its Testogen from Wolfson Berg Limited. I have written a review of testogen a few months back.  Quick Navigation How do we review?Case study Goals:May 22nd StatsWhat’s my plan on using testogenLet’s go through the ingredient profile.Zinc MagnesiumD Aspartic Acid […]

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Life Style Changes to Increase Testosterone

Sometimes, you would feel you are not manly enough and wish you could have more active testosterone in your body for that purpose. There are different methods to increase testosterone in your body. In most times, people depend on specific supplements that amplify the testosterone production.  Working out intensively in the gym also pumps up […]

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